Looking Back at 2019

Spent some time Introspecting my own life last year. I think I have captured some of the top moments in my year. I find this as a great way for sharing what I have been up to, with Friends and Family whom I haven’t been able to keep in regular touch.

If we have been speaking regularly, feel free to skip, there’s nothing here new that you wouldn’t know already πŸ™‚

Work Life

  1. Co-Presented at Oracle Open World Conference
    For those of you not familiar to Oracle, Oracle Open World is Oracle’s version of Google I/O. It had been my dream to speak at this conference. Thanks to my mentors, I was given the opportunity to co-present a session on our new product Oracle Analytics for Applications. I am looking forward to presenting about our newer offerings on this stage again this year.
  2. Won the Analytics Rockstar Award
    This was an extremely difficult one. To be selected amongst an Organization of approximately 200 engineers, was very challenging. I am extremely grateful again to my team and leadership, for putting their trust in me and giving me the chance to explore my full potential and hence contribute to our shared success.
  3. Part of the first Launch of Oracle Analytics for Apps
    Did I speak about this before. Of course!! But just wanted to bring out the fact that this was indeed an amazing opportunity to learn all the things that go into Architecting and Building something from scratch. I do not regret any minute spent on the weekend or late night calls πŸ™‚ More the learning, more the fun!
  4. Applied for my First Patent
    Well I must say, I think this was more because of my initiative I showed to work on the project than anything else. I am no where close to being an expert, but I am thankful to my team for including me on this project and making me a part of this patent.
  5. Learning Business Skills
    My education so far had been purely technical and that was of great help to me at work. But I learned that building a successful product and business goes way beyond just technical ability.
    I call this side learning and my key non-technical takeaways this year were Vision, Process, and People. Now onwards to learning more about these as I grow in my career.

Personal Growth

  1. Read a lot of Books and Articles
    Reading had not been my forte and hence I was actually surprised to find myself reading 5 complete books this year. I know this isn’t a lot, but this is coming from someone who might have read 5 whole books in the last 5 years.
  2. Living Independently
    Well this is something I have been wanting for myself. After moving to a studio apartment, and finding myself to be the only entity in the apartment, opened up a whole lot of time for doing things that I had always wanted to do. If you haven’t already guessed, I have an introvert streak to myself. Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy partying either. So if you are having one, please call me πŸ˜€
  3. Health is Wealth
    I started to recognize the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and took some small steps towards achieving my ideal self in health. I am nowhere close to completing this, but hey that’s what the new year is for.
  4. Travel
    I saw some of the most beautiful sights this year, starting with Yellowstone National Park. Overall I took 3 big vacations and they were all wonderful. I went to some new places, and some places I had already been. I was surprised by the amount of things I could discover even going back to the places I had already been. Yellowstone and Yosemite, still stay at the top of my list, so if you have some other suggestions I am all ears.
  5. Learning
    I try to learn a lot of things as a part of my work, but I have been trying to explore some fields that won’t usually cross my path but I would love to learn. Some of those are Neuroscience and Cognition, Quantum Physics and Mechanics, and Economics.

So, this was my 2019 in short, how was yours?

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